List of Notes


  1. Classes, Objects, Properties & Methods - Comparison
  2. Problem Sets
  3. TypeScript Types
  4. Interface
  5. Computed Property Names


  1. The Udemy JS Course with extensive notes on each section + coding problems
    • Note to self: Notes are all documented within the /starter folders within each section, mostly within .js files.
    • For individual notes, visit each commit history message.
  2. Spread Operator & Rest Patterns in JS
  3. Truthy and Falsy Values in JS
  4. Short Circuiting in JS
  5. Nullish Coalescing Operator (??)
  6. Closures in JavaScript
  7. Computed Property Names
  8. flat and flatMap methods
  9. Sorting in JavaScript
  10. Which array method to use?